Maroon 5 Releases New Music Video For “What Lovers Do”

This morning Maroon 5 released their newest music video for their latest single “What Lover’s Do,” featuring neo-soul singer SZA.

The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, stars both Adam Levine, Maroon 5’s lead singer, and SZA. It begins with two animated children, one male and one female, that seem to resemble Levine and SZA. The children are shown chasing one another through a virtual field with butterflies, depicting the chase of young love. As the video progresses, the children grow up and are replaced by the real Levine and SZA.

The progression of the video seems to show that although we may grow old, young love never does. The chase continues.  

The climax of the video presents both Levine and SZA gambling, appearing to bet on love with Levine singing, “Are we too grown for games? Are we too grown to play around? Young enough for chase, but old enough to know better.”

SZA responds, “Are we too grown for changin’? Are we to grown to mess around? Oh and I can’t wait forever baby, both of us should know better.”

The video comes to an end with Levine laying in a hospital bed beaten up and bruised, with SZA acting as his nurse.

Some YouTubers have taken to the comments section on the video, believing that video was meant to display a fantasy of Levine’s, who proceeds to wake up to find his dream girl taking care of him. It can also be considered as a reminder that love can hurt and participating in the chase has its consequences.

“What Lovers Do” follows the release of their song “Cold,” a collaboration of Maroon 5 and Future.

“What Lovers Do” has hit the Canadian Top Charts and is currently placed at number 10 on iTunes this week.


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*Photo: Official Maroon 5 Website


Fitting Room Finds: Fall Fashion Under $100

Want a new fall-inspired wardrobe, but don’t want to drain your bank account? We have found some of the top fall 2017 fashion trends for every budget! These pieces can all be found for under $100, leaving your bank account in tact and you looking seasonally stylish.

1. Puffer Jacket

Yes, puff is in! A major trend on the runway, and a style we have all been anticipating, these jackets are versatile, comfy, and act as a perfect layer for cooler days.

100028914_000_274x410                             5065266800_2_6_1

  Garage $59.95                                                                   ZARA  $99.90

2. Glitter Booties

We are going full Carrie Bradshaw for these booties! For a more classic look, check out this item in metallic colours such as silver and gold, or if you are more adventurous with your fashion, try them out in multicoloured glitter. Anything goes when it comes to these booties, so pair them with a cropped jean or skirt to give your outfit some sparkle.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.25.56 AM.png                          Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 2.31.35 PM.png

  Forever 21 $45.90                                                                   ASOS $61.14

3. Oversized Blazer

The oversized blazer, also known as the boyfriend blazer, is taking over fall fashion this year. This look is great for the professional, yet fashionable woman. Versatile and appropriate for almost any occasion, pair this blazer with a dress for professional occasions, or with jeans and a t-shirt, perfect for those women who want to be effortlessly stylish (and we have all been there)!

2753232802_1_1_1                              11035019_02.jpg

   ZARA $69.90                                                              MANGO  $89.99

4.  Sheer Layers

Just when we thought fashion could not get more risqué without bearing it all, fashion experts have found a way! Layer your shirts and jackets with a sheer under-layer to take your look from casual to fashion-forward. Tap into this fall’s floral trend to further enhance your sheer look. This is the perfect piece for an extra layer on cooler days, or for a night out on the town!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.41.49 PM                                       00139154-01

  Urban Outfitters  $34                                                   Forever 21 $33.90

5. Wide Belts

Although belts have never really left the fashion realm, they have made a style resurgence for this season. In particular, wide belts that define the waistline are the newest trend. Be bold with your belt choice by picking a fall fashion fabric such as velvet, or go classic with leather design. Adding a wide belt can reinvent your simplistic outfit, perfect for every fashionista!

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 1.50.48 PM.png                                               Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 3.11.04 PM.png

  Urban Outfitters $59                                                             Free People $94.38

6. Fishnet Socks

Fashion-girls must pay attention to this budget-friendly and totally hot look for this season! Reinventing the 90s fishnet craze, pair these statement socks with a fashion sneaker, or a heel to pump up your fall-inspired outfit. Don’t want to stop there? Glitter socks are also an acceptable alternative to fishnet socks!

TS08E23LBLK_Large_F_1.jpg                       f17_02_n06_64598_1274_on_b

Hudson’s Bay Topshop $8                                Aritzia $15


Do you have any tips and tricks for finding fall fashion on a budget? Let us know in the comments section below! 

The “Luxury” of Being Female Comes With a Price


The negative stigma that surrounds the word “period” is consistently reinforced according to societal standards. Yet, having a period is not something dirty or negative. It is one of the many biological “luxuries” of being a female. Or at least that’s what some say.

Until 2015, the Canadian Government considered all menstrual hygiene products to be non-essential or luxury items. This begs the question, should feminine hygiene products be considered a right or a luxury?

Today, women and girls around the world do not have equal opportunity to be educated on the female reproductive system, nor do they have the ability to afford the products that women need to protect themselves during their monthly cycle.

With menstrual hygiene products costing approximately eight to twelve dollars a month, this expense adds up quickly.

Despite the consistent debate on the price of these products, the price that women are forced to pay without them is even more striking. Humiliation, unsanitary alternatives, and the destruction of yet another set of panties should not be a monthly concern or expense to women. Yet, the debate continues.

Women’s rights are also involved in this conversation, as governments and companies are being accused of “sexism” for profiting off of women due to a biological, unpreventable part of the female existence.

According the the Canadian Menstruators website, a campaign which worked toward the removal of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on menstrual hygiene products in Canada, “the taxing of essential and necessary products used exclusively by women is unfair and discriminatory. It unfairly disadvantages women soley because of our reproductive role.”

With other hygiene products such as toilet paper being provided for free in public spaces, could there be some truth to this accused form of discrimination?

There have been positive steps taken toward addressing this concern in Canada, such as removing the GST from menstrual hygiene products in 2015. However, this initiative must continue until females around the world can comfortably gain access to these products through alternatives such as higher wage compensation or government subsidization.

Of course, there are also legitimate reasons and arguments against providing menstrual hygiene products for free. For example, both males and females having to purchase other non-essential hygiene products.

Yet, as it is not considered socially acceptable to bleed through your pants, women seem to be at a loss from each end of the spectrum, especially those who cannot afford the luxury of feminine hygiene products.

This only encourages those women to turn to un-safe and unhealthy forms of menstruation protection.

According to an article in the Toronto Star, homeless women resort to transforming “a wad of tissue or toilet paper into a homemade tampon.”

Women in the program at Sistering, a 24/7 women’s drop-in centre in Toronto  explain how they would use anything from “toilet tissue and socks, to newspaper and cotton balls, when they didn’t have money or any other way to access pads and tampons.”

As governments continue to ignore the affects of considering menstrual products a luxury, women turn to dangerous methods of period protection, putting themselves at risk to Toxic Shock Syndrome and other ailments.

“The fight for equality and justice for all Canadians is far from over,” say the Canadian Menstruators.

In honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th), ROUSE Magazine is proud to announce that for every share of this article, we will donate a package of menstrual hygiene products to those who struggle to afford these “luxuries.”



*Promotion ends May 29th.












#RoomForManchester: Explosion at Manchester Arena, Twitter Users Offer Support

Hundreds of people are rallying together on Twitter tonight after an unusual explosion occurred at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England, United Kingdom.

Concert-goers have said they heard what sounded like an explosion at the end of the show, believed to have gone off just outside of the arena. Thousands of people have fled in panic, while Police are reporting 19 deaths and approximately 50 injuries from the venue.

Twitter users in Manchester area have come together to assist fleeing concert-goers, using the hashtag #RoomForManchester to reach out to people in need of help.

Many people are offering a safe place to stay, use of a phone, and even a drive to or from Manchester.

“If anyone is stranded near the Arena we live nearby and can help with transport or shelter. #roomformanchester #Manchesterarena,” says Scott Williams.

Jesse Coleman tweets, “Space for anyone stranded. 15 minutes walk from Manc Arena call 07931961784 #RoomForManchester.”

Those who do not live in the Manchester area are also extending their support tonight, tweeting their appreciation to those who are offering their help by sharing the hashtag.

“People offering beds restores my faith in society at a time like this, such a simple gesture making all the difference #roomformanchester,” says Charl Hatton.

Elliot Foster tweets, “#roomformanchester – use hashtag if looking for somewhere to stay during #ManchesterArena incident. Doors open all over city.”

Although it is not clear whether or not terrorism is involved in the explosion, investigators are exploring the possibility of a suicide bomber.

Those who are in need of assistance in the Manchester area are encouraged to reach out to those on Twitter through the hashtag #RoomForManchester.



photo: Action News, ABC.




Condoms for Complexion: The new beauty hack that has the internet in a frenzy!

It’s time to throw away your expensive make-up brushes…and whip out your rubbers?  Beauty experts and online beauty bloggers have discovered a new, creative use for condoms.

Experts and bloggers have started using the rubber latex to smoothly apply their foundation, and the results are shockingly effective.

The condoms, filled with either cream or a beauty blender sponge, are used to apply foundation to the face, without absorbing any make-up product.

The unusual trend, started by the blogger Beauty Vixxen, is producing flawless results and is causing quite a stir on the internet.

It is recommended that users wash the condom before applying any foundation or other make-up to their face. This will prevent any lubricant or other unhealthy substances from irritating your skin. We definitely don’t want any breakouts from this beauty hack!

Many make-up users are skeptical of the process, and repeatedly dabbing their faces with a condom, but the results don’t lie!

If you are a brave soul that wants to try out this condom-tasic technique (sorry, it had to be done), the link to Beauty Vixxen’s video tutorial is below.


Beauty Vixxen:

From Casual Hook-up to Casual-BDSM?

Don’t put your whips and chains away just yet!

“Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, following the Fifty Shades relaunch, we sold out of cheap handcuffs, anal lubricant, and spreader bars. I think that is a big testament to the influence of Hollywood on sex practices for new kinksters” says Tessa Brooks from “Spot of Delight,” a London, Ontario sex shop.

The shop, which is located at Richmond and Dundas, is experiencing the significant impact that sexualized entertainment is having on the normalization of fetish culture and sexual practices. The culture of Bondage, Dominance, Submission, and Masochism (BDSM) seems to be making its move to mainstream with so many movies making it seem quite normal.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Fifty Shades of Grey series: Anastasia Steele, a sexually inexperienced young woman having an affair with Christian Grey, a powerful businesses obsessed with the life of kink.

Young adults have been fascinated with the casual hook-up for years, despite the initial negative stigma around it, putting relationships to the side and bringing sex into the forefront. According to Rebecca Clarke, a 20-year old student who is removed from the BDSM scene, “casual hook-ups have become the norm for young adults, especially throughout post-secondary institutions.” Many young women have seen the Fifty Shades of Grey films, sparking curiosity and conversation about the BDSM culture. Will this be another example of curiosity taking control, or will the next norm potentially be casual-BDSM?

In 2015, the Kinsey Institute, at the University of Indiana, reported that one in 20 adults regularly engage in BDSM related practices. This report was filed the same year as the release of the first Fifty Shades of Grey film. According to Clarke, “BDSM is becoming more mainstream, ever since the Fifty Shades series was released.” Clarke continues, “No one is surprised to hear the term BDSM anymore.”

With the new familiarity of BDSM, young adults are having an increasing curiosity to explore their sexuality. Allison Heights, a 21-year older student from Montreal has always had more of an interest in relationships than casual hook-ups, but says, “I think that I would try BDSM depending on its level of intensity. I wouldn’t want to do anything that is painful or scary, but I can understand the curiosity with it in terms of domination.”

The Fifty Shades of Grey series and the increasing curiosity associated with BDSM culture has initiated an online response as well. Casual hook-up applications (apps) such as Tinder, have been on the rise for years, becoming a popular way for young adults to find mutual attraction. However, in 2015, a new version of the hook-up app was introduced into the online dating world. It is known as Whiplr, a casual hook-up app designed for the BDSM community. As the first and largest mobile community for “kinksters,” Whiplr is introducing young adults into the fantasy realm of BDSM.

Kinksters from various locations have demonstrated an interest in the app. According to a male Whiplr user, “I joined the app to explore my sexuality a bit, my fantasies. Go beyond vanilla.” Several users admit to downloading the app out of a curiosity for exploration. However, you will also find more experienced users known as “Masters” on the app.

A male Master, with over 20 years of experience in BDSM, joined Whiplr to help educate curious men and women on the practices of BDSM. Explaining what a Master is, he says, “a Master is one who is capable of owning slaves, not just submissives, littles, pets, sex toys, or ponies. In my particular case, I also own and train dominants and submissives. I train both men and women to become dominants or better submissives.”

Whiplr’s creation was inspired by the Fifty Safes of Grey series, bringing the world of kink from entertainment to reality. Despite its association with the film, many people involved in the culture do not think that the film series depicts BDSM accurately. According to the Master, the difference is like a “bicycle ride and a motorcycle ride,” the films do not accurately define the realities of the practice.

He explains, “Mr. Grey is not a dominant. He is weak and were it not for his money, he would be better described as a man who enjoys aggressive or even violent sex. Being a dominant has nothing to do with violence or aggression.”

Although we are yet to see if Whiplr will hit the mainstream, young adults that are currently unassociated with the BDSM culture are intrigued. Chloe Walker, a 20-year old student, says “it’s awesome that there is a hook-up app for the BDSM community! It’s a great example of how the stigma surrounding the culture is being torn down.” Walker thinks that sexualized entertainment plays a role in the normalization and says, “now that BDSM is becoming more mainstream, you have two types of people. The ones who have watched Fifty Shades of Grey and now think they know what BDSM is, or you have the people who create the stigma around BDSM.”

It appears BDSM is slowly making its way to mainstream, leaving one to question what will be next to normalize in the realm of sexuality and fantasy?

Walker says, “What turns someone on is not something to criticize. However, I draw the line at bestiality.”




*Names have been changed and omitted to protect the privacy of individuals.